How to Get a Free PS4 Software Update From the Official Playstation Network

I know that this isn’t an official announcement, but I figured I would give it a shot.

So, I asked my friend Alex for some help and I got a reply on the same day, just two days after I requested it.

This is a very, very important question for anyone who uses the official PS4 website.

I didn’t want to get a response, because I figured it might just be a bug, but it turns out it’s actually pretty serious.

Alex: Hi!

So, this is Alex.

I’ll be your moderator for this AMA, and I’ll ask you to do two things: 1) How to get the PS4 software from the official website.

2) What software update to download from the PS Store?

Alex: The official website is a good place to get your PS4 updates, and we have a list of software updates we’re releasing today.

But, we also have other ways to get them.

We’re currently working on getting the updates to the PSN store, so that’s also a good way to get updates.

What software update should I download from your website?

Alex: If you’re on the official Playstation Network, we’re running a series of software update announcements every morning.

And we’re still working on how to handle this one, so stay tuned for that.

If not, here’s the official PlayStation Network update announcement: Thanks for joining us today, and if you have any questions about PS4 or the PS Network, feel free to reach out to us on Twitter or email us at [email protected]