Why you should use Logitech’s Avast software

By Andrew Stiles, Business Insider – Logitech Camera software has a new update.

The Avast Software Update for Logitech Cameras and Headset Accessories is now live on Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 8 Pro.

The Avasts software update for Logioclips, Logitech headsets, and other products will arrive on May 8th for $19.99.

The software upgrade comes as Microsoft and Logitech have been working to integrate Avast into Windows 10 as soon as possible, after months of delays.

The company has said that it will begin rolling out the update on May 12th, with the software being available for download for devices running the current version of Windows 10.

The Logitech software update is available for Windows 10 Pro users as well.

Logitech says that the software update improves stability and performance.