What to know about Google’s AI software for video editing

The company behind Google’s video editing software for Google Translate and YouTube has confirmed that its next iteration of the software is now available.

The Google AI team said in a blog post that the software now has the ability to generate and export its own translation and transcription, which allows it to handle tasks such as making an audio transcript or a video transcription.

The new software version, dubbed Translate 2.1, is available now to anyone on a Google Translator account, and the team also said that it is available on Mac and Linux as well.

Translate has already been available on Google’s Translator app since last month.

Google has been working on the Translate software for quite some time, and it is believed to be the first Google AI software to be built entirely in-house.

In fact, the software has already shipped to a number of partners, including Amazon, Dropbox, and Netflix.