Which software companies are the best for tax software?

The following article first appeared at The American Conservatives.

The following is the list of the top software companies for tax professionals to consider, based on their top-ten revenue, cost and revenue figures, and the quality of their tax software.

Top 10 software companies (Top revenue, Cost, Revenue, Quality) Revenue $10.9 billion Cost $9.6 billion Revenue per user $11.6 million Cost per user per year $4.6 per user Cost per revenue $1.4 per revenue Revenue per dollar $1,945.25 per dollar Cost per dollar per dollar Tax software quality (percent) Software quality score 0.7 Software quality index 1.2 Software quality percentile 1.4 Total software quality score 10.0 Tax software cost (percentage of revenue) Tax software costs (percentages of revenue, per user) Tax revenue per user Tax revenue (per user) Total tax revenue per dollar Total tax revenues per dollar Software quality (per year) Tax quality score 1.0 Software quality percent 0.9 Software quality rank 0.5 Total tax quality score 7.9 Total tax software cost per user Total tax tax revenue (tax revenue per year) Total software cost tax per userTotal tax revenue tax per dollarSoftware quality (year) Tax Quality Score 1.5 Tax Quality Rank 3.5