Samsung has a patent for a smartwatch that’s “better than any smartphone”

Samsung has launched a smart watch that’s just like a smartphone.

The new watch, which has a 5-inch display, a curved screen, a rotating band and an IR sensor, is called the Galaxy Note 5.

Samsung says it can also stream video from your phone to the watch.

Samsung’s patent application is still under review and the company has not yet commented on whether it will sell the watch, but it appears to be the first time the company is using the term “smartwatch” to describe its smartwatch.

It is possible that the watch will be sold at an affordable price.

The company is also promising to bring “a completely new class of wearable device to market” that will “be designed to be a truly revolutionary, personal and wearable device that offers a totally new class and experience for consumers.”

The WatchWatch is expected to launch this fall, and the watch’s price is not known.

The patent application, which was filed in October, details a flexible band that can be used to attach a smartphone to the back of the watch as a way of creating a watchband.

The watchband also has a built-in wireless charger.

Samsung is also selling a $200 Samsung Watch Band, which is similar to the Samsung Watch, but has a smaller display and less computing power.

The Samsung WatchBand has a curved display, but the curved screen is not visible in the WatchWatch.

The Samsung Watch also includes a Bluetooth chip that is used to connect the watch to an iPhone or Android smartphone, and allows the watchband to sync with other smartwatches on your phone.

Samsung says it plans to release the WatchBand in 2020, but hasn’t released a price yet.