Which software can you get with your HP printer?

A new software update has been rolled out for HP’s printers that lets you download the HP Logo Software (HPLS) onto your printer, and it works on any printer.

As a bonus, the update also includes support for the HP Printrbot 2 and HP Printer 2 Pro.

While HP has been releasing these updates since 2014, the HP LaserJet SP800, SP900, SP1100, and SP1200 printers have all had updates in the past year.

There’s no word on when the updates will hit all printers, but it’s possible they’ll be coming to all of HP’s printer models by the end of this year.HPLabs has already announced that the HP ProLiant 600, ProLiance 7500, and ProLance 10500 printers will get the HPLS update this week.

The update also adds support for some HP inkjet printers, including the HP Inkjet L100, HP InkJet L200, and HP Inkline 2000.

HPL Labs says the software update will allow for the printing of a logo that includes a number from 1 to 10 on the back.