The best coding software for coding nerds

There’s a good reason why software is the single most popular tool for professional programmers.

When it comes to building apps, there are few better tools than a good, solid set of coding tools.

And they’re also usually available for free.

“We’ve made the decision that we’re not going to spend a lot of money on this anymore, and it’s really about giving the tools a good home,” says Paul Chappell, co-founder and CTO of, a company that specializes in developing coding apps for Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, and iOS.

Coding software is an important part of a developer’s job, so it makes sense that a lot developers spend time developing apps.

But the truth is, you can’t just build apps for the Mac, or iOS, or Android, or Windows—you need a lot more tools.

To help developers, we’ve compiled a list of the best coding apps, which we’ve used in the past to build apps that were also great to work with.

Some of the tools we’ve tested are free, but most are paid.

For those that are free—and we’ve included the most affordable ones on this list—you can download a free trial of the code-breaking app.

(If you’re not happy with a particular tool, you’ll need to fork its source code and fix bugs.)

We’ve tried to keep the list simple, with the tools that you need to build great code.

But if you’re working with more complicated problems, check out the tools listed below, and be sure to share your thoughts in the comments.


CodeCoder By CodeCoding, Inc. A free, open source IDE for developers that lets you quickly add code to an existing project.

You can use CodeCader to write simple or complex programs.

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Free CodeCademy The CodeCADemy online course teaches you to create and test code in an open source environment.

CodeSchool A free online code school with a strong emphasis on coding skills.

CodeStorm A free web-based IDE that lets developers quickly write code and collaborate with peers in the CodeStorm community.

CodeVid Free video-based code editing app that lets users quickly and easily add code, test, and debug.

CodeLint A free and open source tool for refactoring code in the C# and VB languages.

CodeWorks A free open source programming language analyzer and IDE.

CodeSuite Free code-management tool for developers.

CodeSwap A free app for creating and editing multiple code projects in the same project.

CodeSpark A free code-writing program that lets anyone work on their code at the same time.

CodePoster Free web-development software for small businesses.

CodePen A free Web-Based Code-Pen that lets people write and share code.

CodeWriter Free web browser that lets any developer type code and edit text in the browser.

CodeSaver Free code editor that lets a developer to preview and edit any text in a project.

Coderworks A free coding-focused Web-Development and Development Tools app.

CodePro A free Code-Analysis software for Web Developers.

CodeScout Free code generator that lets programmers work in teams.

CodeXCode Free Web-based Code-Picking and Editing Software for Mac and Windows.

CodeBuilder A free IDE that allows developers to build interactive and interactive apps.

CodeChef Free online programming tool that lets them edit and test their code.

Doxygen Free source-editor for code.

GitHub Free online code hosting service.

CodeSnippets A free JavaScript editor.

CodeMiner Free code compiler that lets code writers easily test their programming skills.

Coda Free web developer’s IDE for JavaScript.

CodeKit Free code generation, debugging, and profiling tool for Web developers.

Codecode Free source code editor for Python.

Codey The free online IDE for Web programmers.

CodeTree Free code formatting, debugging and publishing tool for Windows, macOS, Linux and iOS developers.

Crafty Code editor for Web, iOS and Android developers.

Dribbble A free editing, testing, and collaboration tool for the Web.

Eclipse Web IDE for Eclipse, Android and iOS developer.

FetchCode Free source control, code review and collaboration service.

FireMonkey Free source tracking, coding, and debugging software for iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux developers.

Google Code The best open source code-analysis tool for programmers.

Immerse Free code analysis tool for Mac OS X. Jcode Free source search, coding and debugging tool for JavaScript developers.

JUnit Testing, Testing, and Integration for Java developers.

JetBrains Codeplex IDE for Mac developers.

LaTeX Free code browser