Why is Matt Damon not on the list of ‘Biggest Hollywood Stars’ on the Oscars shortlist?

After years of rumors, a new report has the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences officially rejecting Damon’s Academy Award nomination for Best Actor for his portrayal of James Bond.

The Academy announced the decision in a press release Tuesday morning.

“Based on the new information provided by Mr. Damon, the Academy has determined that his performance did not meet the bar set by the Academy in awarding the Oscar for Best Picture.

Accordingly, we have determined that Mr. Matt Damon’s nomination for the Best Actor Oscar should be rescinded,” the press release read.

The news comes as the Hollywood Reporter reported Damon has received his nomination for his role in “The Theory of Everything.”

The Oscar nominations are a rare event.

For decades, a committee has reviewed and selected the nominees.

But in recent years, the awards committee has taken a more hands-off approach.

It has made nominations for the best picture and best director in each category, instead of giving a full list of the nominees to the Academy.

The committee does have an internal list of potential nominees that are considered for the next Oscar.

Damon’s name is nowhere on that list.

The Academy did not say why it rejected the nomination, but it was expected.

The only other major actor nominated for the Academy Award in the past five years was Ben Affleck for “The Batman,” which received nominations for best picture, director, screenplay, musical score, cinematography and cinematography-by-motion.

The Hollywood Reporter’s report was the latest in a long string of reports claiming the Oscar committee had rejected Damon’s Oscar nomination for “Lincoln.”

But the report also came just hours after news broke that the Academy had not rejected the Oscar nomination of Tom Hanks for “Good Will Hunting.”

Hanks has a history of winning an Oscar for his performance as actor Hank Aaron in the films “The Blind Side,” “A Beautiful Mind” and “The Sound of Music.”