Which software upgrades can you buy with your bank account?

The House is considering a bill that would make it easier for consumers to pay for upgrades, but a large number of House Republicans oppose it.

In the House, the measure faces an uphill battle in passing the chamber.

GOP Rep. Tom Cole (R-Okla.) said he’s opposed to the legislation because of the cost to consumers.

“If it’s going to be a $200-per-month thing, I’m not willing to do that,” Cole said.

Cole, who is also the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, said the bill would allow for the creation of a “pre-paid debit card” that would be issued by banks and would be tied to the customer’s name and bank account number.

If consumers choose to use their bank account to pay an upgrade, they would have to enter their personal information, including their credit card numbers, the name of the bank that issued the card, and the expiration date of the card.

Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.) said the prepaid debit card is unnecessary.

It’s just a glorified phone card that they’re going to use to pay a $300-per-$300 upgrade, he said.

“I don’t think it’s worth $200 to have a card that will allow you to pay $300 worth of software updates.”

Cole said he would support the bill if it passed the House.

The House is scheduled to take up the bill on Tuesday.