Samsung’s deepfake software for archiving tweets and other data

Updated Jun 14, 2018 11:03:51 Samsung is bringing the power of DeepFake to the enterprise.

The company is bringing to market its deepfake program, which uses deep learning to identify suspicious activity and automatically remove it.

DeepFake, according to Samsung, has a wide range of applications that are designed to detect malware, fraud and other malicious behavior, and help to mitigate its impact.

“The DeepFake software is an innovative solution for organizations that are in need of proactive and automated deep analysis of their data, to detect suspicious activity, and to prevent it from becoming a threat to the organization,” said Samsung VP and head of the Deep Fake Labs, Kim Dong-jin.

To learn more about the DeepFake tool, visit Samsung’s website.

Samsung says DeepFake is available for enterprise use, and it’s available on select Samsung devices.

This is the latest in a long line of Samsung-led innovations that have impacted the way companies and consumers are working.

In February 2018, Samsung announced it was partnering with the National Science Foundation to provide more data on its own to improve the accuracy of its forecasts, as well as improve consumer safety and health.

Last year, Samsung introduced its own wearable computing platform called Project Gear, and this year, the company announced a partnership with Apple that will bring its virtual reality headset to market.

While Samsung is continuing to grow its enterprise offerings, the Deepfake program will help it reach more businesses.

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