What does this mean for Sony’s upcoming PS4 console?

Sony is expected to reveal the PlayStation 4 system software on March 3 at its PlayStation 4 Developer Conference in New York City, with the unveiling likely taking place at a later date.

The software will be used to customize the console’s hardware and software, including the hardware itself, in order to deliver better graphics and gaming performance.

The PS4 Pro, a higher-resolution model, will be released in the coming weeks. 

The announcement of the PS4 system hardware and the release of the Pro is expected at the March 3 event.

Sony also announced a series of new games, including The Last Guardian and the recently released Horizon Zero Dawn. 

With the PS3’s launch in 2004, the company launched a series to compete with the Xbox and other console manufacturers.

The PlayStation 4 will be the first gaming console to use Sony’s new-generation technology.

The PS4 hardware and its software is expected in early March, when the company unveils the Pro at the event.

It will be revealed at a time and place of its choosing, with an event expected to take place at the end of March. 

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