The first-person shooter that’s more than just a shooter, but a VR experience

A new first-player shooter from indie studio VR-Crowd aims to make its first-party debut in VR this year, and it’s not your typical shooter.

Rather than rely on the traditional first- and third-person perspective, The Witness is a virtual reality experience where you and your friends are all immersed in a single-player experience that takes place in an immersive, 3D space.

The Witness isn’t a shooter or a shooter-like experience, but rather a game that’s designed to be played with a virtual-reality headset.

It’s a VR shooter with a VR-like focus.

The game’s first trailer features an action-packed, open-world shooting game that lets you take control of characters who are all in a 3D world that’s not a battlefield, but instead is a space that can be traversed by other players.

The space is called the “Pantheon,” and the first time you play The Witness, you’ll be able to explore the pantheon for yourself, where you’ll discover your own personal story.

The pantheon is populated with an assortment of different characters, all with their own personal stories and missions.

The main focus of the pantheons mission is to hunt down and capture these creatures, who are referred to as the “wyrm.”

Wyrm are creatures that can have a variety of different attributes, but they can also be dangerous, which is why it’s important to stay away from them when you’re in the panthestheon.

The first time I went into the panther room, I didn’t realize that the panthers abilities were different from each other, but I quickly realized that the ability to have a stronger attack, and the ability that can hit multiple enemies, was a major change.

The first thing I noticed is that I was able to see the abilities that the wyrm have that I didn-t know.

I also realized that there are multiple different wyrms.

The wyrmn that I found in the first room was a different wyvern than the one that I fought in the earlier rooms, but the wyvns abilities are all the same.

I can’t really talk about what abilities are in the game, but just imagine that it’s the same wyver.

That’s what makes it such a unique experience.

It’s easy to jump into The Witness for the first-and-third-person view.

The Pantheon is where you are in a world of a single character.

In a traditional first person shooter, that would be your character.

When you’re using a VR headset, that character is in a third-perspective view, and when you look down, you can see the character you’re looking at.

The new game is designed to let you play the panthes mission with a second-person viewpoint.

In VR, that means that you’re not only able to look up and see the characters, but you can also look down to see what’s going on around you.

That gives you a first-persense perspective.

It gives you an experience that feels a little more real than you would with a third person view.

The pantheon also has multiple missions, but we’ll talk more about that in a moment.

The gameplay that The Witness has is more like a traditional shooter, where it’s easy for you to run and jump and shoot your way through each mission.

It also has an optional mode where you can choose to play a few different games, and some of them have different challenges.

You’ll be taking on different types of enemies, and you’ll have to use different weapons to survive the challenges.

I’m playing through the first mission, and I’m in the Pantheon’s mission room.

It is basically a normal room, and that’s kind of the first thing you’ll notice when you first start playing.

The rooms are all connected together, so it’s a really simple design.

The only difference is that the Pantheons room is bigger than your room, which makes it easier to walk around.

The room has three different rooms, and they’re all connected by a small wall that goes up and down, which helps the game feel a little smaller.

In The Witness’s mission, you are tasked with killing a variety thew monsters in the area, but that’s only the first part of the game.

The second part of your mission is different from your normal mission because you’re going to be exploring a new area, and as you explore the area you’ll find more wyrmmas.

The monsters that you kill are a new type of monster, and while they’re not enemies in the traditional sense, they can have their own special abilities.

I killed the wytem in my mission and they spawned a new wymmas called “Skeletons.”

They’re smaller creatures that come with special abilities, and those abilities are tied to the wymmmas that you killed in