When you buy the latest iPhone, you need to buy the newest version of Apple’s podcast software

Google is warning that people buying iPhones and iPads today need to upgrade to iOS 11 or later, even if they have no need to use its built-in podcasting software.

In a blog post today, Google said that users who have purchased an iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, iPhone 6 or later must upgrade to the latest version of its podcasting app, Apple’s new podcasting platform, to use it.

Apple’s iOS 11 is available for download from the Apple Store, Google’s blog post said.

Google’s podcasting service, for example, allows users to listen to podcasts from the iTunes Radio app and then use a free Apple Music app to download them.

But the new iOS 11 update is a separate software update that comes bundled with an Apple Music subscription.

If you’ve already purchased an Apple TV, Apple TV and Apple Watch, and you don’t want to upgrade your hardware, you can also install iOS 11 for free on those devices, Google added.