OCulus software has launched video conferences in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore, a company official says

Video conferenced software company OCulus has started video confers at a number of countries, including in Indonesia and Malaysia, the company said on Thursday.

The company said in a statement that it had just begun the process of connecting video conferees to its app in Malaysia, which was scheduled to begin in April.

OCulus will also be able to connect video conferers to its services in Indonesia in May.

OCulus said in its statement that video confering was already well-established in Malaysia and had already been widely adopted in Indonesia.

Its service will include live video, live-streamed content, and interactive content.

It will also include pre-recorded videos and audio, which will be available for offline viewing and sharing, the statement said.

The software is not yet ready for use in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, it said.

“OCulus is now able to provide its video conferer services to Indonesia and will be able launch a new service to Malaysia in May, while in Malaysia we will be offering OCulus’ video conference service to our users in April 2018,” it said, adding that the service will be accessible to both Malaysia residents and expats, as well as those who are working in Indonesia or Thailand.

The launch of OCulus video confederating services in Singapore was announced at the company’s annual shareholder meeting on Tuesday, the latest in a series of announcements in which it has shown off its technology.

The company has been selling OCulus technology to software companies since 2014, when it introduced OCulus Live, which lets users stream live video from OCulus apps to their PCs.

OCools Live has since expanded to other countries, but the company is the first to have started a video conferent service for Indonesia and is now looking to expand in Malaysia.

In August, OCulus announced that it was buying video confiercing company LiveWorks, which makes video confesers that let users stream video to their PC, phones and tablets from their phones and PCs.

As part of the deal, LiveWorks said it would be expanding its video-conferencing service to other Asian countries, the largest market for OCulus live-TV services.

In its statement, OCools said that the company was working with several partners and that it would begin testing OCulus LIVE and OCools live-video services in 2018.

For now, OCules Live and OCules live-Video services will be launched in Indonesia on April 14.

This is not the first time OCulus is using live-conferences to sell its software, which it introduced in 2014.

In 2016, the firm launched OCulus Video Live, a video-based service that lets users share live-broadcast video to OCulus users’ mobile phones and laptops.

OCules Video Live was first available to users in Malaysia in December 2016, and in Singapore in March.

Last year, OCUs Live was also launched in Malaysia to help OCulus customers in that country.