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With the Brexit referendum approaching, people in Northern Ireland are increasingly worried about what their future will look like, especially after years of neglect from the government and political parties in London.

Irish citizens in the UK have become increasingly frustrated over the fact that the country is not living up to the promises made by the UK government and Westminster politicians when they came to power in the early years of the new millennium.

There is now growing concern that Brexit will not result in the promised changes in the way Northern Ireland is governed, but rather in the continuing erosion of local institutions, the collapse of community cohesion and a decline in public services.

“This is an extremely difficult situation,” said Denis McGarry, the director of the Irish Council of Social Services.

“We’re talking about the very real possibility that there could be some kind of break-up of our institutions and the very very real threat that some kind [of] break-away of the Republic would occur.”

There are already plans in the works to create a new county in Northern Britain called Londonderry.

This would represent a significant departure from the current county of Derry and the county of Ulster.

The UK government has repeatedly said it is open to talks about Northern Ireland becoming a separate entity, but that there are no talks under way with the British Government.

Some have said that a break-out of the United Kingdom would not be the best option.

The Irish government has said that the Brexit process would be handled by the EU, which would also have to make decisions.

McGarry said that although it was true that there were no talks being conducted between the UK and the EU right now, the UK is the “primary target” for the Brexit negotiations, which are still ongoing.

However, he said that there would be a “significant change” in Northern Irish politics if the UK did break up.

Northern Ireland’s political parties, including Sinn Fein and SDLP, have called for the government to make the case for leaving the UK, and to hold talks with the United States and EU.

On Thursday, the U.K. Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, said that he would like to have a “good” relationship with the U and EU, but added that the U was “not our friend.”

“It’s a matter of fact that we have a very important relationship with them.

I do not want to be our friend, I want to build a relationship with our friends and allies.

And so, yes, it would be great to have an agreement, but it’s not something we’ve yet got a handle on,” Johnson said.

It is likely that the UK will agree to some kind a new arrangement with the EU when it returns to the EU Parliament in March, but McGarry believes that this would be the last chance for Northern Ireland to have any kind of future in the EU.