How to get a free software license in Russia

Russian government software company Vassilios is launching a new service called Vassilis Open Source Licensing that offers a free license to anyone who wants it.

The new service is available in Russia only through the government.

The service, called VASSILIS Open Source License, offers a licensing option for Vassiles software, according to the company’s blog.

The new license, which is available only through Vassils website, is free for users to use, use and modify the software, Vasslios said.

Vassilo, the company behind the program, is also the only developer of the open source Vassile, VASSILS software.

The company has created a website to offer more information on the program.

The license is not available to all Vassila customers, Vossilis said.

It is a service that is designed to help the Russian government manage software licenses.

VASSILA has over 7,000 customers in Russia.

VASTRILIS has 1,300 customers in the country.

The VASSILE program is available to people under the age of 18, and anyone under the legal age of majority.

The company said that VASSIIS software is free to use for commercial projects and is not restricted by the government to use the software for any other purpose.

The open source software is developed by VASSIKA, the software development organization of the Russian Federal Space Agency.VASSILIOS is the second Russian software company to create a service like this.

Vassem Technologies last year created a similar program called Open Source VASSile.

The Russian government is facing increasing pressure to crack down on software piracy.

Earlier this month, the Federal Service for Information Technologies was told to create an online portal to allow users to access pirated software, which will make it easier to trace down suspected infringers.