“I got a $100,000 payday for my writing”

Blue Yeti software developer, Chris Hays, is the latest to find himself in the hot seat.

In a video interview with Bleacher, Hays discussed the difficulties of finding a job and how he plans to use his newfound financial independence to help others.

The video is posted below.

Hays, who earned his bachelor’s degree in psychology at the University of Utah, says he recently became an online video game writer.

He says that after working on a game, he has not made a dime since.

“I’ve got a job, I have a mortgage and I’m a writer,” he said.

Hays says he got a good salary, but he has no idea how much he’s making today.

“It’s hard for me to say,” he explained.

“If I had been working for a while and been able to put money aside for a rainy day, I think I would have made more money.”

Hays says his life has been pretty normal lately, but that his wife’s health is a major issue.

He said his wife suffers from asthma, and he says she gets headaches when he’s in the house.

“When I’m at home, I’m not getting any better,” Hays said.

“And the headaches come up a lot.”

Hames said that he has found his creative outlet in Blue Yetis software.

He is currently working on his first game, a social network game called The Yeti Party.

Hames says he’s going to release the game this spring, but only after paying off his mortgage.

“My wife’s going through a lot right now, and I don’t want to be in debt,” he told Bleacher.

“But I think if I just put money away for a year, I could save myself a lot of money.”

According to the video interview, Hames said he plans on paying off the mortgage by March, when he’ll be out of school.

“She’s a great person and I really like her, but I think it’s time to put everything on hold for a little while,” Hames told Bleachers.

Hares says he plans for his wife to take time off work to care for her new daughter.

Hames told the outlet that he hopes to make a living from his new business, which is the creation of a website that shows the salaries of some of the world’s best writers.

“We want to do that in a way that’s not just for us, but for other writers and artists, to have a little financial independence,” Hamsaid.

Hams says he is currently in the process of hiring freelancers for the site, but it’s not clear if the new site will be a way for him to make money.