How to start your own home design studio

A software startup is launching its home design software today, and it’s the perfect gift for those who love home decorating and have the money to spend.

Key Points:Renova is launching a free app that helps you create home decor, furniture and kitchen design.

The startup is focused on software that works with architects and design studios to design, build and install the furniture and create custom solutions for homeowners and guests.

Keywords:Renovate,home,designer,shelving,softwareSource: The Australian Financial ReportRenova will allow home owners to design and build their own home with the help of a design studio and install their own software.

Key Features:The software will help you create the home you want to live in, with the ability to store and manage your design and create templates for every room.

It will also help you customize your home, making it easy for you to find the furniture you need.

Renova’s software will also be a part of a new digital service called Sustain, which is designed to offer people the ability for home designers and designers studios to collaborate to create custom furniture and other solutions.

The company has raised more than $1.2 million to date, with some investors including the likes of Alibaba and Tencent.