Logitech webcam and gaming software: Is it worth the $1,500?

Logitech has announced a new gaming webcam called the Logitech GT100, which it says is the best gaming webcam on the market today.

The company says the GT100 has “great features” like “sophisticated design and advanced features for optimal comfort,” and that it is “perfect for gamers who want the best of both worlds.”

According to Logitech, the GT 100 has two cameras, two microphones, three HDMI inputs, and “a built-in Wi-Fi module.”

It comes with a variety of apps to stream games, including one that allows you to “play online games and enjoy your friends online” and another that lets you “play games from your tablet, PC, mobile device or connected TV.”

According the Logical Gaming Network, the LogiGets “top-rated” gaming webcam.

It also includes a “multi-touch sensor that provides the gamer with an intuitive and powerful gesture-based input for gaming,” and it is equipped with a range of gaming accessories.

The Logitech G100 is priced at $1.49, but it is currently out of stock.

It will be available in March at the Logismart store in the U.K. and at Amazon.com.