Microsoft, Adobe and others join forces to combat fake news

Microsoft and Adobe have joined forces to fight fake news.

The companies announced Thursday that they will jointly launch a new initiative called the #StopFakeNews campaign, which will launch in July with an initiative dubbed #NoFakeNews, which aims to counter fake news on social media and other online platforms.

“The fact is that the content of news stories is increasingly distorted and misinformative,” Adobe said in a statement.

“Our goal is to end the fake news epidemic by making it easier for people to check facts and verify facts.

We are launching the #NoFakes hashtag to help people know what is really true and what is not.”

Adobe, which has long been at the forefront of the technology that helps make content like social media accessible to everyone, will provide its users with tools and resources to prevent fake news from spreading.

The announcement comes less than two weeks after Microsoft, Google, Twitter and Facebook all said they would join forces with Adobe to combat misinformation.

Google said it will use a new technology to help publishers combat fake content.

The tech giant said it is testing a new tool that allows content creators to share links to news stories with publishers.

“We’ve partnered with a handful of publishers to see how we can use their technology to create a common platform that helps people check facts, verify facts and share facts,” Google said in its statement.

Google and Adobe said the new tools will help users make sense of the content they see and how to verify the stories they see.

“It is crucial that we ensure the truth and integrity of the news they publish and the news you see,” Adobe Chief Information Officer Jeff Hays said.

The news comes after several prominent news organizations, including CNN and BuzzFeed, reported that they had found more than 500 fake news stories, including fake stories from the United Kingdom, Russia and Turkey.

Google, Facebook and Twitter also recently agreed to form a joint initiative called #Stopfakenews.

In its statement, Adobe said it aims to combat the fake content by providing tools and tools to help users check facts.

“To help people make sense to facts and to check verifiable facts, we are launching a new campaign that will launch with an interactive tool to help them quickly check facts,” Adobe CEO Matt Brittin said.

These tools will be available through the Adobe Help Center and will be accessible for everyone.”