How to fix a Corsair keyboard with an adapter

A new adapter designed for the Corsair K60 gaming keyboard has been released to allow users to connect a Windows 10 computer to the keyboard.

Keyboard adapter from CorsairK60 is designed to be used with Windows 10 device.

The K60 will be available from Corsair in September.

The Corsair K80, released earlier this year, can connect to a computer via USB.

The keyboard adapter will also be compatible with the Corsair Vostro E-Series, a device that lets users connect a laptop to the K60, as well as the Corsair Force.

The adapter will cost $19.99 and come with a two-year warranty, and the Corsair PowerBoost technology will allow it to run at full speed while the keyboard is connected.

The company said the adapter will be released in October, with pricing set at $59.99.

The device is available from retailers such as Corsair, K-Mart and Amazon.